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All You Need to Know About PRP Therapy

Most advances in the medical world today are gearing towards regenerative medicine. This is because it is viewed to be the cutting edge treatment for victims who encounter pain in various circumstances or even chronic diseases such as cancer. One of the successes of regenerative medicine that is available in the market today is platelet-rich plasma. This article will look at all that you need to know about PRP therapy.

PRP therapy entails the use of a concentrated amount of platelets that have been centrifuged and stored well and have the origin from the patient’s own blood. This can be very helpful when it comes to the treatment of injuries and also to create the regeneration of healthy tissues in the body. The treatment makes the utility of the growth factor founded platelets in the body to promote the self-healing of the body without any form of artificial manipulation. The blood of the patient is enriched with platelets after five or even ten times the regular concentration of blood. Consult Dr. Patricia Stafford MD to learn more about PRP therapy.

The centrifuge is used to separate the platelets from the patient’s blood by a rapid spinning in a circle. This is able to separate behavior platelets and that these are added to other hormones of the patient’s blood which have been enriched with from being the culture which are catalysts for the release of the growth factors. From this point on, these highly concentrated blood is injected into the patient’s circulatory system whenever there is medical need.

The applications of the PRP therapies have been known particularly towards professional athletes. This is because it can easily help when it comes to recovery from injuries due to performance or even from surgery. High-performance athletes have been known to use this particular therapy and that it is not restricted as a form of help for athletes to perform better in the sport.

PRP can be able to be precise with mild types of strains and pains such as tone tendons and ligaments, strained muscles, chronic attendance injuries, skeletal fractures, sprained knees, and Achilles tendinitis. There is too much research needed to be able to help PRP therapy to realize its full potential. Current research is ongoing and that therapy is proven itself to be very promising.

Current research has been able to reveal that PRP therapy can be able to restore positive structural changes with people who have experienced chronic shoulder soreness. PRP therapy has also been found out to be even more effective than cortisone shots when it comes to pain relieving. For more information, click on this link:

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